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Greening RetailEuropean Retailers in the North American Market: The Next Wave for Canada?

By Wendy Evans, Ken Jones, Ricardo Gomez-Insausti and Don Kendal, 2003.

This report provides insight into the expansion patterns of the European retailers into the North American market and ultimately into Canada. The analysis extends our international retail research that began over ten years ago. The focus of this research examines the movement of retailers and their challenges and successes, in crossing the Canada, U.S. and Mexican borders. International research has been an ongoing focus of the CSCA since that time. This marks the ninth report in our international series.
This report will appeal both to the student of international business as well as to developers and retail practitioners alike. From a macro perspective, it takes trends in global retailing and the expansion patterns of the European retailers into North America and Canada. At the micro perspective, it presents the operating realities of European retailers in Canada viewed through the experiences of three top executives.
This research was made possible through the support of The Centre for the Study of Commercial Activity, Cadillac-Fairview, Ivanhoe Cambridge and Oxford Properties, and the participation of French Connection Canada, Fly Meubles et Decorations, and Ecco Shoes Canada Inc.