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Engaging the Retail Sector in Sustainability “It Makes Good Business Sense”
Wendy Evans, Marion Denney, Bernard McIntyre, and Anne Reesor, 2006

Over recent years concerns over global warming and sustainability have been at the forefront of world political debate. Within the spectrum spanning the ‘overly alarmist’ to ‘naively ignorant’ the middle-ground consensus has emerged that human activities have and continue to adversely impact the environment in which we live. For much of the developed world, ‘greening’ the group of activities surrounding the manufacture, distribution and consumption of goods and services offers significant potential to reduce ‘negative’ environmental change. This report provides a timely industry-focused perspective on the greening opportunity for retailers and their suppliers.
The findings presented cover Phase I of a major study of ‘Green Retail’ Initiatives currently being conducted by the lead authors. This report offers retailers, suppliers and consumers a first glimpse at the potential for positive change in the industry and the way in which we consume.

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