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Border Crossings

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Retail Border WarsRetail Border Wars: Winning the International Race

By W. Evans, Centre for the Study of Commercial Activity, Ryerson Polytechnic University, 1996

This research expands on a project which began in 1988 by studying a number of Canadian retailers that had entered the U.S., and American retailers that had entered Canada. It draws from our ongoing research and detailed case studies of over 20 Canadian, American and Mexican retailers that have crossed international borders. The report identifies the underlying trends and determinants of international retail success in the North American market and beyond. It answers questions such as: Which chains are most successful internationally and why? What are the prerequisites, and what are the most successful strategies for international expansion?
The intent of the research is to assist retailers in their decisions with regard to international expansion, and to facilitate the pre-entry and entry period through the identification of key information and factors required to maximize the chances of success. The cases upon which this research is based, are published in two subsequent reports; Retail Border Wars ll, and Retail Border Wars lll.