Marion DennyMarion Denney

Marion Denney is a market research and environmental planning professional with 20 years experience in market intelligence, customer satisfaction and loyalty measurement, customer service excellence, product development, marketing, and strategic planning. 

Marion’s career began in market research project management. Her approach to market research is to work closely with clients to develop clear objectives, design relevant and focused market research approaches, execute projects in a timely and cost-effective manner and deliver results that are meaningful and actionable.

In 1997, Ms. Denney earned a Masters Degree in Environmental Studies.  She has worked with clients as a project manager in both the public and private sectors to adopt sustainable and green practices and reduce their ecological footprint.

Part of Ms. Denney’s approach to providing comprehensive marketing intelligence to clients is her ability to combine market research findings with internal corporate sales and customer data and available industry statistics. Through her strong abilities in conducting thorough secondary research and application of sophisticated statistical techniques, she is able to conduct comprehensive market analyses and develop market forecasts and market potential assessments.