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E-Commerce ServicesE-Commerce Services:

The following services are provided through our e-retail consulting company Retail Without Borders.

Many of the same principles apply to this channel as in the brick-and-mortar environment. There are a variety of technological issues such as privacy and security, navigation tools, speedy checkouts and delivery, but the myriad activities that make up the business of retail, including the commitment to the targeted customer for great product, price, promotions, visual presentation and service - summed up as 'consistent value and a great shopping experience', are the same basic cornerstones for this channel.

E-Commerce Readiness Assessment for Existing Brick-and-Mortar Retailers
Assess the readiness of the company to enter this channel and determine how or whether an e-commerce presence supports and integrates with the macro strategic direction of the company.

E-Market Business Plan Reviews
Review and assess e-tail business plans, including the merits and validity of the business premise, market evaluation and financial proformas.

Understanding the Customer
Define the profile of the targeted customer and identify and quantify the market opportunities for the e-business. Methodology includes primary and secondary research to determine demographic and psychographic profiling.

The Content
Identify the products, prices, promotions, services and level of information expected by and, therefore, required by the targeted customer.

The Competition
Undertake a competitive review of the e-channel to determine 'best in class' across a spectrum of critical criteria including: product content, value, service, design, ease of use and functionality and use this information to develop 'best of class' benchmarks, from which to build and design a site or portal.

Strategic Partners and Alliances
Identify opportunities for strategic partners/alliances and joint ventures with on-line, and off-line businesses that can enhance brand credibility and add meaningful value to content, product and service offerings, the customer base and the profit model.

Marketing Plan
Develop strategic marketing objectives and program initiatives:

Leveraging Technology and Design
Work with both the technology team and management to ensure a strong collaborative relationship between content, design and technology to maximize a great customer experience.

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